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award winning Porsche restoration



Our aim here at Sportwagen is to address every fault in order to create a classic that is absolutely correct, small details matter and it begins with the chassis. Every seam must be correct, the aim being to invisibly repair the car, using wherever possible the identical technique that was used back on the day the car was first created.

In order to achieve this a great deal of knowledge and reference capabilities are required, Porsche cars continually changed as they evolved, from day one, or rather day two as a nod to the G’Mund, back in 1950 when the first 356 coupes rolled off the production line.

With values of classic cars rocketing ever upwards, and Porsche being the most sought after of all the marques, it is critical that the car is correct.

Only time travel would take you back to seeing the car as it left the factory, but here at Sportwagen we try very hard to make that feeling come alive, and the results bear witness to that ethos.

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